Milk Agency renders a full range of communications services:

— marketing, media and intercommunications;
— organization of special events;
— government relations (building of relations with government institutions);
— production of advertising, image-building and promotional materials;
— design and creative solutions.

We have a long-term perspective for work with each our client. Subscriber-based service is not an end in itself for us, it is the result we are striving for.

Basic principles of Milk Agency:

— Complexity;
— Systemic approach;
— Transparency;
— Measurable results;
— Experience and image;
— Strong team.

Organization of special events

Milk Agency offers services in a conceptual design and organization of the special
events oriented at brand promotion by means of the striking and memorable events.

Event-based marketing is an effective instrument for the establishment of a fruitful dia-
logue with the public. Immersion of the event participants into the world of a product
positioning is based on the activation of emotional perception of the audience. This is
the most effective way to ensure maximum brand image unveiling and imprinting it in
the public consciousness. And, consequently, this is the best way to manage the image
on a long-term horizon.

Interactions with the mass media. Media projects

Our offers to the partners:
— Development and implementation of the complex PR campaigns
at the international, federal, regional and local levels; — Media planning and advertising; — Targeted work with the mass media and formation of the loyal pool of journalists; — Organization of special events for the media or working in partnership with it.

Press-conferences, press-lunches, press-tours, briefings, round table meetings and
open days are nothing more than a minor part of the events organized and carried
out for our partners.

Subscriber-based service

Subscriber-based service is a long-term interaction between the Agency and the Company of a client on a contract basis.

Long-term projects make it possible for us to investigate thoroughly the business of our
client and allow us to see how communications of the Company appears to its onlookers.
Therefore, our join efforts can be described as highly efficient.

Creation of web sites

We perform the following tasks:
— Setting goals and objectives of a site;
— Analysis of the competitors’ web sites;
— Development of a superior structure and design (marketing analysis);
— Selection and installation of a site content management system;
— Registration of a website with the search engines, catalogues and ratings.

We offer all service package associated with the Internet business promotion.
Special attention is paid to the interactions with the bloggers and the search engine promotion of web sites.

Design, creative solutions, production

The services of our designers, stage managers and illustrators are constantly aimed towards the solution of the specific tasks of our client:
— Printing (outdoor advertising, printed matters, promotional materials);
— Promotional souvenirs;
— Television and video advertising (reels, corporate films);
— Audio advertising (spots, songs);
— Web-design;
— Multimedia presentations, flash animation;
— Development of the unique promotional techniques;
— Production of innovative advertising vehicles and exhibition stands.


Comprehensive Internet promotion – essential tools to benefit from all marketing opportunities and use them in the framework of the general business development strategy online.

We offer an entire range of online business promotion services with an emphasis on cooperation with bloggers and promotion of Internet resources in search engines.


— commercials;
— corporate movies;
— sponsor commercials for television;

Video production includes the following services:
— development of creative ideas and script;
— storyboarding;
— obtaining shooting permits;
— prop selection;
— styling and make up;
— auditions/casting;
— optimum shooting arrangements;
— assembling, color correction;
— postproduction: computer graphics, animation.


At the given moment there is no distinct definition of such a notion as branding in our country. Its a loan word meaning the process of building and development of a company with its own image - brand, brand name, a symbol of the company.

We have formulated the following meaning of the words "brand" and "branding". Branding,we understand, a complex process of further working out and development of a brand name of the company. The aim of the brand and branding - to create an integral image of a company, give brand names to company s products and services develop people, awareness and recognition of our groups activity. We must also formulate logically and distinctly a course of communications for our customers.

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